How Investment Bankers Sell Financial Products and Asset Managers Buy them for Their Clients

Investment bankers act in an advisory capacity in capital markets to assist asset managers in governments and corporations instead of dealing with individual investors directly.

They assist their customers to raise funds in capital markets, they offer different financial advisory services and help with acquisition and merger activities. As a result, investment bankers will do well if capital markets excel because they are able to generate more funds from the different activities undertaken. We shall be discussing some of the services they provide and the benefits.

Trusted Expertise on Arranging Finance

In case a large firm intends to build a factory and wants to issue bond financing for funding its expansion, the services of an investment banker come in handy. Similarly, if a certain government intends to finance any of its projects (such as building a highway, an airport, or any large municipal project), an investment banker can help to raise capital by issuing bonds. In this case, the professionals plan for the bond issuance, set prices to ensure the demand for bonds is available, work with issuers to manage the required documentation for the bonds, and help in selling the bonds. Your investment banker will also play a great role in arranging equity financing. When a company decides that it requires more money for growth and chooses to raise funds via initial public offering (IPO), this expert can help. He or she puts together a prospectus that explains the terms and risks they carry, manages issuance process, and assists with price offering. Shares must always be correctly priced.

Underwriting of Deals

Another task investment financiers undertake is underwriting deals. This is the management of the risks faced in the process of purchasing securities from issuers and then selling them to institutional or public buyers. They buy these securities at a certain price and add a markup in the reselling price. This generates profits that compensate for the risk that was taken on. Typically, the lead expert works with fellow professionals, also known as a syndicate, to underwrite issues at hand. This ensures that the risk gets spread out among them. The underwriter sometimes just acts as a link in marketing deals and does his or her best to market securities. He or she doesn’t take the underwriting risk on the deal. The investment banker, in this case, has the option of selling securities and getting paid for the securities sold. These payments are often offered on a commission basis.

Mergers and Acquisition Roles Played Out

Investment financiers play another essential role when a firm is looking to purchase another firm. The professional advises how the acquisition should be conducted, including the details for pricing. The target company has to be valued and a fair price is set. The price should represent the true company’s value. Other companies need the services of investment financiers because acquisition and mergers sometimes involve lengthy battles.

Raise Capital With Private Placements

Rather than taking on the public offering cost, sometimes investment financiers assist asset managers to raise capital via private placements. For example, they can place the offering of bonds with institutional investors like a retirement fund or an insurance company. This is a fast way to raise money. Investment financiers play a great role in any capitalist economy because they help their customers to raise the capital needed to finance different activities for business growth. They help in pricing capital and allocating the funds to numerous uses. Although this activity facilitates the running of the capitalism wheels smoothly, the roles investment financiers play cannot be ignored as it helps managers fulfill their duties to customers.
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