Get Real-Time Visibility and Tracking By Using The Best Asset Management Reo Marketing Services

Asset management is one of the most challenging tasks for a lot of organizations, especially assets that might be relatively static. It also becomes an even greater challenge for companies that utilize expensive mobile assets such as shipping containers and large trucks.

Often, equipment and assets are deployed for an extended period of time, and this makes it hard to raise the risk of loss or theft as well as optimize asset utilization. That said, different automatic REO Service identification technologies can help organizations with real-time asset management capabilities.

Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)

Depending on your tracking needs, the real-time location systems can work with other Wi-Fi technologies, and therefore take advantage of an existing WLAN which guarantees that you get accurate information on a large vehicle or building. By leveraging real-time asset management REO technology, organizations can easily get access to some of their valuable assets. Additionally, they can improve asset utilization and stand a better chance of measuring the cycle times. Also, the real-time location systems can help businesses and organizations reduce any unnecessary asset purchase which makes it easy to identify potential operational improvements.

Bluetooth Beacons Track Mobile and Fixed Assets

The Bluetooth beacons are almost similar to the RFID, but the only difference is that they are only used in warehouses to track mobile and fixed assets. This technology makes it easier for companies to search and trace assets within a facility using a map-based interface. Each of the assets can be tracked using a beacon that’s attached to each of them, and their location is then broadcasted wirelessly. It’s also important to remember that the beacons can only be located if they are within range. Additionally, the tags feature smart sensors for GPS, temperature, vibration, and movement. Most importantly, the sensors can be used to track foods and other items that need a stable environment.

Active RFID and Passive RFID

This is one of the most expensive asset management REO tracking systems which are commonly attached to large assets such as large trailers or containers. Most of these systems have a long-range, and they can be incorporated into other technologies such as real-time location data, GPS or Sensors. The passive RFID are used in the automatic tracking of assets as they pass through a dock door and also when they leave or enter a facility. Given that the RFID is attached to the returnable containers, it makes it easier to track the customer who received a particular container and also keep track of inventories as they move in and out of the delivery trucks. Compared to barcodes, the RFDI are more expensive, which makes passive tags a suitable tracking method for returnable items to make them cost-effective.

Keeping Track of Items Using Barcodes

If companies are looking to manage field assets, then the barcodes are the most efficient way of keeping track of items given that they’re not costly. For enterprises that want to address mobile asset or tool tracking, barcodes are one of the most efficient REO services to accomplishing such a task. For example, in the healthcare and service industry, using barcodes makes it easier for the employees to scan labels which are then used to update the status of the assets. Given that it requires line of sight to scan the items, it can be time-consuming, especially if you are dealing with a large number of items. If companies or organizations take advantage of all these REO service asset management technologies, then they can significantly streamline their operation in specific sectors. Analyze your operations and see which methodology best suits your needs.
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